About dokBody

Let's start from the beginning!

  • What dokBody is, exactly? dokBody is the first mobile app dedicated to the recommendation and sharing doctors, pharmacies and health centers (hospitals, clinics, medical laboratories, etc.). The app allows patients to find the healthcare professional that suits them, based on the recommendations of their friends and of the community.
    dokBody is available on the App Store® and Google Play®.
  • Is dokBody free for all? Yes, dokBody is free, both for patients and for health professionals. We want to open up to the greatest number of people, in order to group a real community, which is invested and applied to build the e-health of tomorrow, in co-creation and in harmony with patients and health professionals.
    Small precision, consultation will always be borne by the patient ;)
  • How would you use my personal data? dokBody makes every effort to protect and secure your personal data. Your data are encrypted and hosted on servers licensed by the Ministry of Health. We opted, for our members, for anonymity through a pseudonym, and have set up a security code system within the app always in order to protect your data. Furthermore, we are committed to never transmit them to a third party whatsoever.
    You too, do not compromise your identity during your contributions, or any part covered by medical secrecy.
  • And, in all this, does the clinical pathway become optional? No. Although dokBody makes you available to all health professionals (generalists, specialists, alternative medicine, etc.), this does not exempt you from the coordinated clinical pathway. You would lose your repayments by Health Insurance, by your mutual or complementary health.
    Only ophthalmologists, pediatricians, gynecologists and dentists exempt you to consult your attending physician beforehand.


As regards the features of dokBody

It can’t hurt to give it a go...

  • How can I find my usual healthcare professionals? dokBody refers to more than 400,000 healthcare professionals, so yours are surely there! The app also offers multiple search modes, by specialty or by entering the name of the healthcare professional you are looking for. Via the feature + criteria, you can also specify the city, the gender of doctor (man or women). Once you've found your doctor, remember to add him/her to your favorites so to find them more quickly!
  • How can I be sure of the truthfulness of contributions left by the members? All contributions published on dokBody fully respect the regulation AFNOR NF Z74-501. This is the most drastic standard in the world for online notice of certification and we committed ourselves to its respect. Moreover, all contributions are moderated a priori before they appear online, contributions that must comply with the Terms of Use and the Guideline. Finally, each member may also report a contribution he/her deems improper.
  • How are the confidence indexes calculated? Each healthcare professional's card has two confidence indexes. The first is a satisfaction index that represents the percentage of positive recommendations submitted by members, the total number of appreciations higher than 5 out of 10, based on the total number of appreciations left. The second is the average of 10 for all appreciations left.
    Members are invited to recommend healthcare professionals on the basis of 4 criteria, which are the general appearance of the cabinet, waiting time and punctuality, the ability to listen and provide information and, finally, the general recommendation.
    Only moderate contributions and uploads are included in the calculation of confidence indexes.
  • May I add some health professionals to my favorites? Of course! And we recommend that you add all your trusted doctors to your favorites in order to find them more quickly. To do this, use the heart icon present in the pink multifunction button at the bottom right of each doctor’s card.
    Then find all your favorites by clicking the Favorites menu from the main menu of the app.
  • How can I share a healthcare professional's information to a friend of mine? Nothing could be more simple! From the doctor’s profile, use the multifunction pink button at the bottom right and click the link icon to share it via the native features of your phone (SMS, email, etc.) or click on the avatar icon form to share your trusted circle within the community.
  • How can I help to recommend a health professional? Each member of the community can help to recommend a health professional, if the recommendation is based on proven medical experience, that is to say a honored medical appointment. To do this, click the like icon in the upper right of each health professional's card. Then follow the steps of the recommendation system.
    You can also write down your opinion in less than 280 characters, if you want to.
  • Will I find a health professional right around me? Yes, of course! The app offers a tracking system associated with an interactive map that allows you to find health professionals around your location. To view the map, click the directional arrow icon at the top right of your results list. Make also sure that you have allowed the app to access your phone's location data, setting generally available in the settings menu or in the settings of your phone.
  • I would like to modify or remove a contribution. Is it possible? Yes, it is definitely possible! Just click on an entry you wrote, and select the edit option. After confirmation, you will be connected with the dokBody Support to proceed with the modification or deletion of your contribution. In the future, you will be able to do this directly from the app. Please note that each change requires to go through the contributions' moderation process.
  • My contribution is not online yet. Is it normal? Each contribution is moderate, that is why you do not see it appear immediately after you wrote it. A blue inset indicates that your contribution is being moderated. The process can take 24 to 48 hours (open days), but don't panic: we'll automatically send you an email to keep you informed of the status of your contribution!
  • Je suis professionnel de santé, est-ce que je peux répondre à mes patients ? Bien évidemment ! Pour ce faire nous vous invitons à vous rendre sur notre site internet et à cliquer sur le menu du pied de page intitulé Professionnel de santé puis à nous écrire depuis le formulaire prévu à cet effet. A l’avenir, la fonctionnalité sera disponible directement depuis l’application.
  • May I use dokBody on my computer? We made the choice of making it available only on mobile phones to better match the new features. This choice is compliance with our community and participatory logic. Our website is currently a simple informative window other than an access to the dokBody Support.


About your dokBody account

Is it serious, doctor?

  • How can I create my account? To create an account, you first have to download the application from the App Store® (Apple) or Google Play Store®. Then run the dokBody application and click the Create an Account button at the bottom of the home screen. You can pre-fill your registration boxes using your Facebook account, so to do it more quickly! Then follow the account creation steps, making sure to fill in all the required fields, including choosing a pseudonym.
  • I lost my password, help meee! Don't panic, we thought of everything! From the login screen, click the Forgot Password link and then write in your email address to start the process of password renewal. We will send you an email with a clickable link that will allow you to create a new password.
    The password reset feature is also available from the Account Settings tab located in the Preferences menu of the app.
  • How can I modify my personal information? You can access and edit your account and personal information anytime. To do this, click on the Preferences menu from the main menu of the app. Then, select Account Settings to access your information and change the ones you want. You can also change your security code or reset your password.
  • Finally, I would like to unsubscribe. Is it possible? It will break our hearts! But of course, it's definitely possible. Go to the Preferences menu of the Account Settings tab, then click the Unsubscribe button at the bottom of the screen. You will then be guided to follow the cancellation procedure and you will receive a confirmation email once your account is permanently deleted.
  • I am a healthcare professional, but I cannot find my card! Good heavens! Even if we offer more than 400,000 healthcare professionals, it may well be that you are not listed on dokBody. But don't panic. To do it, you simply have to click the Healthcare professionals footer link on our website. Then, select the Create a profile column available in the form provided for this purpose. You will then be put in touch with our Support team in order to finalize the creation of your card.
  • I am a healthcare professional, but I prefer to leave this adventure... Sniff! We are sorry to see that our service do not meet all of your needs. To withdraw your card, you simply have to click the Health professionals footer link on our website. Then, select the Modify or delete your profile column available in the form provided for this purpose. You will then be put in touch with our Support team in order to finalize the deletion of your card.

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