The basics

These are not empty words!

dokBody developed the first mobile app of recommendation and sharing doctors, pharmacies and health centers, concerning the idea of helping patients to find the healthcare professionals that suits them. The experiences, advices and contributions of each of you matter. Therefore, the compliance with this guideline is essential to ensure an exemplary quality of service.

  • dokBody does not mean to guide the patient to any healthcare professionals.
  • dokBody does not provide health advice and is not, in any way, a substitute for a healthcare professional.
  • dokBody does not aim to pass judgment on a particular person, but to share the patients' medical experience with the members of the community and recommend it when necessary.
  • The recommendations and contributions available on the platform are of a subjective nature and may not be shared by all members.
  • In no case these contributions could take in a judgment or any sort of advertising from dokBody.
  • The contributions are their authors' property, they express the member's thought and are published under his/her full responsibility.
  • dokBody is committed to make every effort to ensure greater reliability, security and transparency in the restitution of recommendations and contributions posted by members.

Our job is to ensure proper respect for professional ethics, rules of decorum and politeness, in complete harmony. dokBody reserves, at any time, the right to not publish or delete the contributions that do not respect the Guideline, our General Terms and Conditions or the regulation AFNOR NZ74-501 or for any other reason deemed appropriate.


Using dokBody means also committing

In concrete terms, that means ...

  • Complying with the Terms and Conditions of dokBody.
  • Respecting the community and follow the rules of decorum and politeness.
  • Proposing a contribution only on the basis of proven and actual medical experience (honored medical appointments, deed of purchase, etc.). Violators will be subject to deletion, without notice, of their contribution or even of their account.
  • Posting a contribution that relies only on your own experience and not on the experience of others.
  • Offering a sincere and loyal contribution to healthcare professionals.
  • Do not reveal any private information that could identify you or a third member or that could betray the professional and medical confidentiality between a patient and his/her healthcare professional.
  • Do not reveal any private information concerning the doctors. No information exceeding the professional activity of the healthcare professional will be published.
  • Being fair in your assessments and judgments. It means leaving objective and informative opinions with regard to the healthcare professionals and to give back to your friends, to your community or even to yourself.
  • Do not use dokBody as an outlet and do not publish contents that are indecent, rude, insulting, disparaging or defamatory in the regards of other people. In case the above-mentioned rules are not respected, dokBody would be forced to remove such contributions or even remove the member's account, as specified in the Terms and Conditions.
  • Answering promptly to any requests for information from dokBody, and communicating in particular all the necessary information to prove your identity. In case of refusal, the member's account will be deleted.
  • Do not contribute in the context of a possible conflict of interest or unfair competition.
  • Reporting any opinions that seem not to respond to the Terms and Conditions or to the Guideline of dokBody.


Would you like to leave a written contribution?

Here are some pieces of advice ...

  • Make sure the optional textual contribution is in correct French, without abbreviations and, possibly, by paying attention to your spelling.
  • Make sure that the optional textual contribution does not include random characters or sequences of words without meaning.
  • Note that the optional textual contribution may be rejected if the content is not related to the subject and noted that the textual content is written so poorly to the point of being unintelligible.
  • Note that the optional textual contribution may be rejected if your comment deals with other contents or if it mentions anything other than the experienced medical experience.
  • Any contribution evoking the established medical diagnosis or making a judgment on the established medical diagnosis will be rejected.
  • Be aware that any opinions deemed racist, pedophile, discriminatory, violent, obscene or offensive will be immediately invalidated and deleted.
  • The optional textual contribution shall not broadcast advertising content for commercial use or concerning denigration, parasitism and unfair competition.
  • Similarly, the optional textual contribution shall not harm the rights of third parties.
  • Finally, the optional textual contribution shall be consistent with the assessments made in the recommendation process.

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